Maintain a Business Focus

Business Analysis Methods, Tips and Techniques

Business analysis projects must always remain business focused.

Many so-called "business analysis projects" are not BA projects at all.  Instead, they focus on application system problems and technical issues rather than first trying to understand the business goals, objectives,  problems and opportunities.

Misguided business projects that put the cart before the horse often make erroneous assumptions or focus on technical solutions without a sufficient understanding of the fundamental business needs.  This inevitably results in a "disconnect" between the business and the IT department.

Business Focused Approach

The business analyst can prevent business analysis projects from being "hijacked" by technology centric individuals.  This is done by always focusing on "what" the business does and "what" information is needed.

The business analyst should actively discourage project participants from focusing on application system solutions prematurely.  Non-technical business requirements must be clearly defined, documented and signed-off before technical options are contemplated.

On most business analysis projects, however, there will be a limited need to examine (physical) forms, application system interfaces, databases operational procedures, etc.

The focus of the business analysis project, however, must always remain on the business; not on the current state, physical world.

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