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Business Analysis Methods, Tips and Techniques

To survive and prosper in the modern economy, businesses must be able to quickly adapt to changes in the market place. They must identify and address problems and leverage technology and other opportunities faster than their competitors.

Intense international competition and rapid technological change requires that companies be lean and dynamic. To survive in this environment, organizations must have an intimate understanding of their own business processes, data and organization.

Although executives can formulate new strategies, many organization are unable to implement needed changes, without inflicting pain and disruption on its employees, suppliers and customers.

To implement organizational change with surgical precision, the business must "know itself".

Business Today

The business analyst plays a crucial role in developing an understanding of the business and sharing this business knowledge with the decision makers. Understanding the barriers and enablers to change is essential.

Barriers often include a complicated patchwork of legacy computer systems, outdated business processes and lots of data but little useful information.

Enablers can included things such as robust underlying architectures, valuable business intelligence hidden deep in databases and highly capable individuals lost in the corporate shadows.

Good business analysts will discover your organization's strengths and weaknesses.

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