Involve the Right People

Business Analysis Methods, Tips and Techniques

Business modeling is extremely challenging and requires qualified people with the right education, skills, experience and industry knowledge.

Because good business analysts are difficult to find, business analysis projects are often staffed with under-qualified, technically oriented individuals.

Similarly, the business representatives and subject area specialists who are needed in business analysis projects are often in high demand in an organization.  Consequently, poorly suited, operationally-focused individuals are often assigned to business analysis projects.

Both the scenarios mentioned above are dangerous.  Organizations need to understand the importance of business analysis projects and ensure that those projects are staffed with appropriate resources.

The major reason for failure of business re-engineering and system development projects is poorly defined or documented business requirements.

Participation in Business Analysis Projects

To help ensure that the business representatives assigned to a project are appropriate, senior management should provide a list of candidates for the business analyst to interview. Business representatives should be in tune with the organization's future state vision, at least in their areas of responsibility.

The business analyst should then interview these people, one-on-one. During the interview process, “business experts” at the operational level will be identified.

The operational people who can contribute most to a business analysis project are often hidden away in the shadows of an organization and are not in positions of authority.  Their names, however, will surface repetitively, during the interview process.

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