Adopt a Pragmatic Approach

Business Analysis Methods, Tips and Techniques

Because business analysis projects differ significantly in scope, nature and purpose, it is important that the business analyst adopt a pragmatic and flexible analysis approach.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no standard recipe for conducting business analysis projects.  Package integration, custom development, application evolution, corporate merger integration, deployment of new service delivery channels (e.g. Internet) are some examples of initiatives that require "front-end" business analysis work.

Although many of the analysis "steps" are the same, for these different project types, there are important differences.  The availability of skilled business and project resources and the organization's commitment to a systems development methodology will also impact the analysis approach.

Pragmatic Approach to Business Analysis

Although adherence to a systems development methodology can indeed help the analyst and others produce standard deliverables, one should embrace methodologies with some caution.

Methodology that is embraced with religious fervor and without applying common sense, will most certainly result in unnecessary work, complexity and costs.

Where possible, the business analyst should adopt a simple, intuitive, common sense approach that is understandable by business representatives and project team members.

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